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Else “Krisjak” Kristiansen

Else ”Krisjak” Kristiansen has for a number of years been a well acknowledged artist – not just in the local community, but through a very active work and high number of exhibitions. She is well known within a number of Galleries and Art Societies. She has also been used across the country and Abroad.

Krisjak’s world has been the world of the colours – since her youth. She started in the natural style, but have over the years developed , and to day she is very inspired by the COBRA style with colour-full, figurative paintings with exiting stories and her quite own sole and line.

The inspiration she finds in her daily life or when travelling, where both human beings and anymals appear in her paintings – quite often also birds and her own parrot.

The figures in her paintings quite often reappear and are further interpreted in her sculptures.

The colours and the forms also appear in the paintings structure, where a number of different technics and materials are in play. It is often a long process before the painting or the sculpture are finished. In addition to the colours and the forms you will also quite often find a personal story behind the individual works.

Consequently you will always in Krisjak’s works be able to explore new things and stories.

Else Krisjak
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